I have had the privilege and honor of bringing our Japanese students to Medicine Wheel Lodge for many years. We have found the Native talks about healing truly informative. The ceremonies and rituals we attended were powerful and a true learning experience of the power of living nature, Our people treasured both their experiences and the beautiful beaded pouches, painted artifacts, necklaces and leather goods sold by the local tribal members. We so enjoyed visiting the wolves that live at the ranch. The lodge that is located at the ranch has the true feeling of the old wild west with its wooden beams and strong stone walls decorated with native motifs.

You can feel the history of the land at Medicine Wheel Lodge. The ranch is actual native land where tribal leaders have held meetings in earlier times.

I feel that we have been honored to be able to have been present at gatherings at Medicine Wheel Lodge. It has enriched us with the love, native wisdom, flute music and energy—— that Joan Bickis, Healingwolf, has shared with us in our many visits to her spectacular Native setting.

Levanah Shell Bdolak