Wolf-Dog Sanctuary

H.O.W.L.S. (Hands On Wolf-Dogs Loving Successfully)

This special Sanctuary is a Rescue, Rehabilitation & Educational facility for Wolves and Wolf-Dogs and Visitors. They are with me until they naturally cross over to spirit.

They are not only ambassadors for their own kind, but for all animals, both wild and domestic. They are Medicine Wheel teachers! You will not only learn about them, and their “medicine” but you will go into the their large habitat and will interact with them, while receiving many kisses and feeling their healing energy.

These Tundra wolves and wolf-dogs are very special, with a sweetness that exudes many healing qualities. If you are wanting joy, unconditional love, balance and harmony, seeking to learn how to love supernaturally and successfully, these magnificent creatures will teach you about love, loyalty, learning, listening, trust, forgiveness, releasing fear, patience, living in the moment, and how to become ONE with nature and wildlife.