• To be the Gatekeeper of this ancient, historic property that i was drawn to and share it
  • To inform all who also find their way here, about its history and energy
  • To acknowledge the Ancestors
  • To honor them by continuing ceremony here
  • To keep the energy of this land peacefully balanced
  • It is my path to connect both adults and children to Mother Earth, medicine wheels, to the animal people, tree people, stone people, and the unseen energies
  • To provide a gathering place for people to relax, to share their thoughts, questions, fears, hopes, strengths, energy, wisdom, visions and spiritual gifts
  • It is important to me, to point out and remind everyone to embrace the similarities in all human beings, rather than dwelling on the differences
  • During these times, more than ever before, it is imperative that we find peace, strength, hope, spiritual understanding and positive direction, in the midst of uncertainty and change
  • i wish to help all to understand, that the cleansing, purification times we are experiencing – gives light, excitement and hope, for the shifting to a better and new world to come.
  • Also, understanding why we are experiencing these changes in our lives, helps us deal with the stresses and focus on a good, positive and strong way to deal with them
  • i desire to assist adults and children to get reconnected to living simply and close to the land and nature
  • In this busy and hectic modern world, i want to help everyone to find serenity and joy, in all that is quietly around you
  • i wish to share the wisdom the elder Lakota Shaman and Shoshone Shaman have passed down to me these past years
  • My gift to you, is the rare and rewarding experience of interacting with wolves & wolf-dogs
  • Through this encounter, it is my passion, and journey, to educate everyone to the needs, feelings and contributions of animals
  • To plant seeds, to abolish ignorance, neglect and cruelty, to ALL animals
  • This is my desire, my dream, my path, my prayer…

Mitakuye Oyasin


the elder Lakota Shaman has instructed me to write with a small “i” to show humility.